Our hosting & maintenance services are tops.

It should be a big deal to choose who is going to host your website. Do you want some detached monster company hosting your site who doesn’t know anything about you, your site, or your needs? Do you want to spend the time to learn how to manage your own FTP accounts, databases, and the complex hosting control panels they offer, or wait on hold for ten minutes to speak with a technician from a foreign country?

We handle it all for you, from the simple to the complex. We answer the phones…sometimes uncannily on the first ring. Want a new email account setup? Bam. Want us to migrate your SQL database and do a deep integrity scan and cleanse? Done. Do you just want to chat for a few minutes about politics, the Big Bang, or the miracle of birth? Let’s yak.

With multiple hosting packages to choose from and monthly website labor & maintenance included in many of our plans, we are always here for you. And what about back-ups?  Included in all of our website hosting packages, we perform daily database backups of your WordPress or database-driven website, and weekly full backups of your entire site. This gives you the peace of mind knowing that in the wee chance that something dreadful happens to your site, we can quickly grab the latest backup and get your site up and running again before you can say “Dang, that was snappy!”.

We’re here to lend a helping hand with your site’s upgrades and continual maintenance.

We pride ourselves in our on-going and lasting relationships, still serving many of the same clients that we met way back in 1998. For real. It makes our days full and worth-while knowing that we have a responsibility to you, and that you can always rely and trust us with all of your website and print & graphic design needs. From simple text & image changes to the addition of brand-new pages, from SEO suggestions & guidance to enhancements for your online eCommerce store, we do it all. If you don’t have time, don’t have the technical savvy, or simply just don’t care to do it yourself, our on-going monthly maintenance and update plans provide you with the comfort and assurance knowing that things will get done the right way and in a timely manner.

With the constant evolution of Content Management Systems (CMS), you need your dynamic website to stay up-to-date with the latest and greatest. From security patches to feature enhancements, it is always best practice to keep your website’s software current with the latest software releases. We handle all of the back-end upgrades and technical installations for you, and stand by our code and labor 100% percent.

We are perfectionists, and our success is a direct reflection of your website’s health and prosperity.

Website Hosting

  • Apache hosting environment
  • MYSQL database setup and management
  • multiple redundancy
  • DNS zone file management

Email Hosting

  • email account setup and management
  • technical support for client setup (Outlook, Mac Mail, etc.)
  • online webmail access

Maintenance & Upgrades

  • monthly free hour for updates and upgrades
  • WordPress core upgrades
  • theme and plugin updates
  • website emergency repair

Website Backups

  • daily database backups
  • weekly full-site backups
  • backups have been tested and tried


(whatever that means)

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